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Premium quality of dates fruit collected and harvested from the farms is supplied by Green Diamond dates fruit Company to the buyers all over the world. We promise to supply highly recommended dates at a reasonable price, maintaining the best quality still. Each and every organic dates fruit ensures the highest level of quality. Our packages in different weights, including customized, are available with our company.

We even protect the quality of water for washing the dates fruit before packaging, and reduce the use of pesticides and agrochemicals in neighboring palm farms. Our eventual goal is to provide complete organic dates fruit in utmost reliable bond with local farmers and loyal customers.

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Safawi Dates

Safawi dates are an extraordinary form of dates mostly grown in Saudi Arabia in the region of Al-Madina. These dates are a soft, semi-dried date variety; characteristically identified by their particular deep black color, their length and medium size. They share similarities with Ajwa dates such as Description Safawi dates are a special variety of dates mainly grown in Saudi Arabia [...]

Kabkab Dates

Throughout South Iran, Kabkab dates are one of the important, plentiful date varieties usually bigger than other kinds of date fruits. The tropical cities in Iran are the favorable climate for  KabKab Dates which is regarded as one of the finest dates. It is cultivated as the highest kinds of date variety which is clammy [...]

Rabbi Dates

One of the best loved and earliest date varieties is Rabbi dates. Of all the varieties, their production is exclusive to Iran, with varieties of dates grown in Baluchestan and Sistan province.  Rabbi dates are next to Stamaran, Shahani, Mazafati and Kabkab dates. It possesses the most economic value of all date produce in Iran. [...]

Sayer Dates

Grown almost exclusively in the Khuzetan province of Iran and known as different names like stamaran, saamaran or samberun, Sayer dates are very popular dates and grown particularly  in the Khuzetan province of Iran. They’re dark brown, long and oval in shape and soft and juicy inside, they’re really good date and be worthy to [...]

Piarom Dates

Maryami dates or 'chocolate dates'is known as Piarom dates are perhaps one of the most delicious semi-dried varieties of dates in the world. The dates are unique in taste and appearance and are considered one of the most expensive dates and is exclusive to Hajiabad. It is the most fulsome and expensive variety of Iranian dates that comes from [...]

Deglet Noor Dates

Dates which are the source of dietary fiber, are high energy fruits that are easy to eat and convenient to keep to hand. They can be eaten either fresh or dried.  The dates that are most appreciated for its quality for its honeyed taste are the Deglet Noor dates which is usually called the "finger [...]

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are enjoyed mainly for their natural sugariness. They're larger, darker, and more candy like in taste than other types of dates. As tropical stone fruits, they have a single pit bounded by the flesh. Indigenous to Morocco, these dates are now grown in warm regions of the United States, the Middle East, Africa and [...]

Zahedi Dates

Zahedi dates, also known as Ghasb, are the most cost-effective dates produce in Iran. The low price and simple storage provisions make these kinds of dates the  most popular dates at home and abroad. Zahedi  wet & dry  dates  are considered as the most commonly used in Iran. It is grown in most of the [...]

Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates are one of the most well-liked dates among the different kinds of Iranian delicious dates. Popularly known as  Kimia Dates and Bam dates, the date is the most delicious and earns 20% of the Iranian export resources. The production of Mazafati found to be done in the Bam city of Kerman province. The  region has around 28,000 hectares [...]

Ajwa Dates

The Ajwa dates are a black dates grown in the Madina munawara region of Saudi Arabia. It is sweet, fruity and fresh flavor. The dates tend to be small in size and have a flexible feel. It is the most exquisite and pricey of the dates varieties, especially in Saudi Arabia. Despite its higher cost, [...]


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