Research and Development

In line with the mission of Green Diamond Company to serve premium selective verities of Date Fruits to all the continents, a high tech based practice has been implemented.
Our dates are considered as our sensitive children that need careful protection. In terms of quality control for our end products, there are careful process of preparation and packaging. Our dates are washed with standard quality of drinkable water and are sorted by different grading according to the universal standards of grading for dates.

In cultivation of palm trees for best quality products, local farmers of Green Diamond community apply new research based methods to enhance the size and taste of dates. They normally cut some particular branches of the palm tree which influences the quality of the fruit dates and makes them to become bigger and tastier.

There are certain characteristics of palm tree to be highly considered such as type, age and region of it, the number of branches in each tree and how many branches to be cut, in order to fulfill best result in terms of premium quality fruit dates preparation.

Based on most recent researches, Green Diamond fruit dates are kept in cold storage of up to 36 months at 0°C to 7°C followed by one-week storage at 18°C to enhance the level of their antioxidant components for best uses.