Zahedi dates, also known as Ghasb, are the most cost-effective dates produce in Iran. The low price and simple storage provisions make these kinds of dates the  most popular dates at home and abroad.

Zahedi  wet & dry  dates  are considered as the most commonly used in Iran. It is grown in most of the tropical cities of Iran, but the most them is cultivated in Fars and Kerman provinces. Iranian Zahedi Date is a dry fruit, ranged from yellow to light brown, round in size, meaty and so tastier with less moisture than other kinds of Date fruits.

Zahedi Dates History

Zahedi Date is grown in most humid cities of Iran like Fars, Khuzestan, Kerman, and Bushehr provinces of Iran. The extensively produced dates

  • The most extensive range of production of the dates is  in the dry and hot Dashtestan city in Bushehr Province in Iran with  It has acquired first place in production of date palm and citrus in and around 16,250 hectares of land in the city of palm cultivation. Dashtestan city’s economy dependent on agriculture products, especially date palm.
  • The superior kinds of Iranian Zahedi Date fruits are produced in Fars and Kerman provinces. The Date, in addition to Fars and Kerman provinces can be grown in cities, like Firuz Abad, Bushehr, Lar, Ahvaz, Khorram Shahr and also the countries like Iraq and America.

The Date,  in addition to Fars and Kerman provinces,  is grown in many other cities… Firuz Abad, Bushehr, Lar, Ahvaz, Khorram Shahr and also in the countries like Iraq and America.

Color : Yellow to light brown color

Moisture : Less than other kinds of Date fruits, below 14%.

Shape :  Oval, short, elongated, but at the end it is rather narrow and sharp, and less sweet.

Size :  Short, round, about 3.5 cm

Taste :  Not strong in sweetness.

Harvesting Time :

Middle of September. But these are available in the market is from October to March.

The Nutrition Facts

For the natural nutritious substances Zahedi Dates contains minerals, mangnesium,  potassium, magnesium, protein and etc. Vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and etc. and sugars like fructose,  etc.  100 grams of dried date contains 300 calories and is composed of about 70% carbohydrates, 2.2% protein, and 0.6% fat while fresh dates contain about 160 calories.

Zahedi Dates health benefits  

Zahedi is replete nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and the treatment of various diseases. The vitamin B , and vitamin E, together with Iron, Magnesium very effectively treat diseases like Anemia and Indigestion and make memories and vision enhanced.

The date has high Folate content which is beneficial and so necessary for blood circulation. The date fruit for the much sugar content, which mostly includes simple sugars, cause weight-gain. The latest researches have proved that dates include all the gains of vegetables and fruits.


The Zahedi Dates have no need of refrigeration, it can be kept in normal room temperature. But, in case of longtime preservation, the need to keep this in the refrigerator is necessary.

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Zahedi Date