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Phoenix dactylifera L, usually termed as the date palm tree, is a flowering plant that has long been one of the most important fruit crops grown in the arid countries in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and in the Middle East The Benefits of Dates are so great that people feel happy to have the delicacies of the fruit.

The influence of date cultivation on the history of the Middle East region is undoubted. The cultivation provided a food supply that was able to sustain large populations in the harsh desert environment.

At present, roughly 100 million date palm trees growing in the world in over 30 countries. Between 2.5 and 4 million tonnes of fruit are produced annually, most of which are consumed in the countries in which the cultivation occurs.

The main product of the date palm tree is the date palm fruit which can be consumed when fresh, dried or in various processed forms.  The fruit can be harvested when it is at different stages of ripening, depending on the use for which it is intended. The Benefits of Dates are so diverse that these are treated as a valuable source of keeping health in good condition.

Let’s see the amazing benefits derived from dates:

Improvement of bone health :

The presence of boron in dates promotes healthy bones. The study shows that the potassium,phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium,  found in dried fruits, strengthen bones and help fighting  bone disorders diseases like osteoporosis.

Improvement of digestive health :

Because of its high fiber content, the dates are very helpful for the digestive system. It prevents constipation by endorsing regular bowel movements.

Improvement of stress factor :

Dates contain Vitamin B6, which generate serotonin and norepinephrine, that improve brain matter. The Benefits of Dates in controlling mood, and fighting against stress are immense.

Improvement of energy :

Dates are perfect bit because of its plenty of fiber, magnesium,  potassium, vitamins, and antioxidant contents which makes them the perfect bite. They provide a lasting rupture of energy  for the glucose and fructose.  Consuming dates everyday is not only just boost energy, but also helps to regain it soon after feeling of exhaustion begins.

Improvement of  preventing heart diseases :

The boosting of triglyceride levels and oxidative stress both are responsible for heart diseases. A study proves that  dates reduce both of them. Moreover, they are an abundant source of potassium, that lowers blood pressure and lessens the possibility of being attacked by the stroke, as well as the other heart-related diseases.

Improvement of colon health :

Dates care of  the digestive system and protect the system of digestion from the harmful bacteria. This helps reducing the risk of spreading bacteria  to the colon. A study confirmed that the date can help increasing  the good bacteria that prevents the growth of cancer cells in the colon is one of the Benefits of Dates.

Hope, by this time, you are in love of taking dates regularly. People who have yet to try this delicious fruit, try it soon before it is too late.