The unique characteristics of Deglet Noor Dates

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Date Fruits
Deglet Noor Dates

The various kinds of dates, have their own exclusive characteristics which make them special and distinct from one another. Deglet Noor Dates is the one of many kinds of date fruit of light color and soft texture.

These dates are one of the best kinds of dates in the world.  It is rightly called the ‘queen of all dates’ whereas the Medjool date is considered as the ‘king of dates ‘ for its larger size and when compared to other date varieties.

Dates crown the tops of towering palm trees that can grow hundred  feet high and yield thousands dates each year. The grow in heavy clusters of oblong brown fruits, and provide as many as 200 in a cluster that weighs up to 25 pounds.

The  juicy flesh of both the  dates is distinctive in taste. Medjool dates have a sweet taste, whilst Deglet Noor dates are described as having a honey-like taste.

Where cultivated?

These dates were initially produced in Algeria, the northern coast of Africa. Till date,  Algeria remains the major producer of this kind of date. The other producers of dates include the USA, Libya, and Tunisia. The specific condition of climate and soil is necessary as these conditions the growth of dates along with its quality as well as quantity.

When Cultivated

The season of harvest season for this particular selection of date, commences in October and continues till January. However, harvesting may be spoilt or delayed in winter and rainfall conditions.  Kept in most favorable storage conditions, Deglet Noor dates can be kept for more than a year if kept in refrigeration.  However, it is suggested to enjoy them within 6 months from the date of production.

Nutritional value

In terms of nutrition, the Deglet Noor date is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Because of food value, it is a perfect snack option if and when you need an energy boost.