Growing of date palm tree from seed

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Dates Tree
Growing Of Date Palm Tree From Seed

In the date orchards for commercial purpose, the full grown trees are cloned to bring fruits faster,  which is an important consideration for any marketable orchard. However, the date palm tree may also be developed from seed also.

How to grow a date tree from the seed

For growing a date tree out of date seeds, the seeds are to be soaked for 7 days in cold water.  The water needs to be changed daily to keep off mold or bacterial infectivity or contamination.

Plant the seeds in a pot soil, sheltered from cold temperatures.  As it is not sure which seeds or how many seeds will sprout,  you need to plant numerous seeds in a pot. It is necessary to keep the soil surface moist, but not so drenched that mold can find their home to grow here. You can grow it in the sunny places in your home, like a sunny windowsill in the house.  It can take a number of weeks for the seeds to send up shoots through the surface of the pot.

The seeds will send a single green shoot up the surface that turns into a flat, tall leaf between 12 to 18”  tall.  After a few days,  a second leaf will come out to join the first leaf. Once the leaf of the date palm tree is 6 to 8” tall, eliminate the leaf and its seed from the pot and relocate it into a new pot at least 8” deep.  It will then grow a little ways away from the seed,  rather than directly above it.  Remove the leaf and the root together in order that it doesn’t  harm the plant.

Don’t be intolerant

Growing date trees are not at all difficult to grow from seed.  However, if the germination takes extended period of time, it is sure that the seeds are not working.  Buy seeds from the certified organic store. You may also ask a friend to bring back dates palm tree seeds with them if they ever make a trip to any of the date growing  places like Iran, Israel, California,  Jordan, or even Arizona.