6 Confirmed Health-Fitness Benefits of Dates

Monday, January 27, 2020 , Health Benefits of Dates

Why should we consume Rabbi dates regularly may ping you before you start to consume it regularly. The most important components of the dates are highly recommended for active, healthy and happy life. The unlimited  Health-Fitness Benefits of Dates have made it quite popular in the recent years.

Depending on the variety, fresh dates are fairly small in size and range in color from bright red to bright yellow. The most common variety of dates are Medjool and Deglet Noor.

The chewable dates with a sweet flavor are high in some vital nutrients and have a range of advantages and uses which include…

  1. Nourishing:

The calorie content of date is higher than most of the fresh fruit. Most of the calories in dates come from carbs. The rest are from a very small amount of protein. Despite their calories, dates contain some important vitamins and minerals together with a considerable quantity of fiber.

  1. High in Fiber

Getting enough fiber is important for the overall wellbeing of  health. Dates in your diet is a great way to increase fiber in your diet. Fiber prevents constipation and help the system of digestion. By contributing to the formation of stool, dates help bowel movements. It prevents blood sugar level from spiking after consuming food.

  1. High in antioxidant

Providing  various antioxidants is one of the Health-Fitness Benefits of Dates including  the reduction of risk of several diseases. Antioxidents protect your cells from free radicals, which are unsteady molecules that might cause damaging reactions in the body and lead to disease.

Three most potent antioxidants found in the dates are:

  • Flavonoids
  • Carotenoids
  • Phenolic acid
  1. Promote brain health

Consumption of dates  maintains sound brain health.  The neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s can be prevented with consumption dates. The probable brain-boosting properties of dates have been attributed to their content of antioxidants known to decrease inflammation.

  1. Promote natural labor

Eating these fruits throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy may be one more gain among the Health-Fitness Benefits of Dates to lower the need of cervical dilation and lessen the inducing labor.

  1. Serve as Natural Sweetener

Dates are the source of fructose or natural  sugar and healthy substitute for white sugar in recipes because of fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants they provide.

So, dates certainly deserve to be added to your diet, as they are both nourishing and yummy.