The utility of iron in dates

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Health Benefits of Dates
The Utility Of Iron In Dates

Like most fruits, vitamins, minerals, fibers and iron in dates are found in abundance. One of the key benefits of Iranian dates, is that they provide a great source of iron. One way to make certain that our bodies are getting a sufficient amount of iron,  is to make sure that we consume fruits, particularly Piarom dates,  regularly. Iron is an essential nutrient for the best health and its key responsibility  is to transmit oxygen throughout the body.

Haemoglobin,  which is the vital substance of carrying oxygen from your lungs to your body, consists of iron. So the iron deficiency can make your body weak from the lack of RBC.  This results in Anemia manifested in different incapabilities like weakness, temporary loss of strength, dizziness, headaches, leg spasms

On the other hand, too much iron intake leads to the generation of free radicals and cell-damaging molecules. This condition damages the vital organs of the body like liver, heart, etc.

So intake iron in dates or in other fruits is as much important as the ingestion of the right amount. The foods that contain high iron contents include  poultry item, pork, mutton, leafy vegetables (dark), cereals, dried fruit, pastas, bead….

It is a common misconception that this is only a trace amount of iron in fruits and vegetables –the real fact is that the fruits and the vegetables  which are rich in iron, also rich in vitamin C, which helps to motivate the absorption of iron into the body.

The two forms of iron in food are  haem and non-haem which can be had from  both animals and plants. Both the forms of irons are provided by food from animal. While a non-haem is provide only from plants.  The body can absorb Haeme iron better than non-haem iron.

The Iron in dates that leads to huge stock surplus is more common in men  whose diet includes more meat. Besides, the best sources of iron are poultry, apricots, nettle,  avocado, parsley, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds etc.