Pruning of a Palm tree

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Dates Tree
The Date Palm: A Plant From The Old World

The myth that cutting back of a palm tree hinder the growth of the trees lead the gardeners extensive pruning of the tree that generate a reverse effect on the tree and hurt the tree. The Pruning of a palm treemust be carried out carefully. The pruning is preceded by adequate knowledge of the palm tree to make it stronger and healthier. Here is how it can be done systematically:

Some experts suggest avoiding of too much and too often pruning of palm tree. What is the right time of pruning palm trees? Consider cutting back of a palm tree if dying or dead leafis noticed. Pruning palm plants not only check breakage, or damage, it also removes nesting places for pests and rats.

Another reason for trimming a palm tree is when it becomes a fire vulnerable. The experts recommend spring time as the best time for pruning the palm tree. The dead fronds though unappealing, they help protect the palm tree from the heat of the summer as well as the winter’s cold. Sterilized sharp  pruning tools are necessary before you begin Pruning of a palm tree.

Only the skilled pruners with pruning tools  can perform the work of trimming a palm tree. They put on safety glasses and  gloves, as well as heavy pants and a shirt while Pruning. Dates palm tree are the best and profitable palms in the world.

Things to avoid when cutting back a Palm Tree

Never remove most of palm leaves while cutting back a palm tree. Too much removal of leaves, makes the tree unhealthy and weak. The leave green fonds as many as possible. Palms requires many green fronds to deliver a steady food supply so that the plant can grow fruits.  A palm tree cannot stay healthy  without a considerable number of green fronds. And refuse to accept the urge to start pruning palm plants for cosmetic reasons. The Pruning of a palm tree for the purpose of giving it shape of other trunks makes the tree weak.