Calories in Date Fruit

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Date Fruits
Calories In Date Fruit

The name of the sweet, small, sticky, and dried fruit of the date palm tree is dates. For millions of years, the date palm tree has been considered to be one of the oldest cultivated fruits in existence. As the level of fructose is high in dates,  the health benefit of the date fruit is doubted. The amount of Calories in Date Fruit needs to be ascertained before you consume it as food regularly.

Now understanding of what is calorie is important

People often strongly doubtful about calorie intake in food. What does calorie  mean? It is the unit of energy. The labels of packets of the food product carry   information about calories along with ingredients, like the amount of protein,  carbohydrate, and fat.

Calories in date fruit

A large date of about 8g contains: 23 gm calories.
A cup of pitted dates about 178g  contains around 500.
A cup of dates contains around
4.5g of protein,
0.7g of fat,
134g of carbohydrates,
14g of dietary fiber
113g of sugar.

Dates as a means of gaining weight

It is common instances that people target to lose weight; there are, however, some people who are on a mission to gain weight for various reasons. For these people, dates can be extremely helpful. For  adult  5-6 dates  a day into your diet  a day can help us to put on weight. Dates are suitable ways of gaining weight. If the Calories in Date Fruit is consumed as they come, you can also get them into your diet through adding them to other foods such as cakes and pastries to sweeten them.

 Dates also shed weight

In principle, everything, moderation is key. Moderate amount of date consumption can actually be used to encourage weight loss. Because of high fiber and water content the Calories in Date Fruit fills the stomach, and decrease hunger and stops us from consuming from foods with far less dietary value than dates.