Dates: A Good Source of Iron

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Dates Tree
Dates : A Good Source Of Iron

One of the top benefits of dates, is that they offer a huge supply of iron. One way to ensure our bodies get a sufficient amount of iron is to consume it regularly. Dates are really a good source of Iron.

The importance of iron

Iron is important as it is one of the important components of Hemoglobin,  which carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. Our body can’t function well-enough without oxygen-carrying RBC. Dates compensate  the lack of iron, which is revealed in the way of weakness, fatigue, headaches, vertigo and leg contraction.  On the other hand, a great deal of iron can also be harmful because it produces free radicals,  which damages cell molecules that leads  to damage of the liver, heart  and other organs.

Dates : a good source of iron

Dates, grown on the date palm, are small, oval fruits with a wrinkled and sticky coating and are often enjoyed in their dried form. As mentioned above, dried fruit is a fantastic source of iron. It is easy to incorporate dates into our diet in order to ensure we are getting the iron in our bodies require. Regular consumption of dates produces noticeable differences in energy boost as well as alertness. According to the health professionals and the nutrition experts the body must receive the daily allotment of iron. The demand for a good source of Iron differs depending upon age, health and sex, particularly for women during their puberty and pregnancy

Why we need iron

Iron is found in hemoglobin, one of the components  in our red blood cells that help out to carry oxygen around the body. Without a sufficient amount of iron, the  body can’t produce enough red blood cells (RBC).   Iron deficiency is the most common dietetic shortage that people suffer worldwide. Luckily, however, iron can be found in many different food sources, one of them is eating dates which is  a good source of Iron.   Eating fruit and vegetables is a great way to ensure that your body is receiving  the iron it needs to you’re your health fit and function as it needs to be.