The types of date palms available

Friday, March 6, 2020 , Date Fruits, Dates Tree
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Dates are the divine fruits for the people of the Middle East. The Arabs relish them not only for the benefits, but also for cultural implications they possess. The top countries that produce different types of date are Egypt, Iran, Algeria, Soudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, UAE, Tunisia and Oman.

Types of Dates

Dates can be consumed fresh as they are selected from the palm trees, or can be dried up and hoarded for years. The dates when dried out and filled in synthetic bags, they are likely to turn out to be a sweet syrup that helps keeping the dates moist and tasty. The different kinds of dates include:

  • Barhi: It is the most popular types of date with solid flesh and rich savor. It is more yummy when consumed fresherthan dried.


  • Thoory: Thoory orThuri is well-known in Algeria, and has a wrinkly and brown to red skin. It is usually stuffed with nuts.


  • Halawi: Halawy, Halawy or Halwa, is an extremely sweet type of date that is small in size and very soft, which explains the name it was given which means “sweet”.
  • Halawi: Halawi, is one of the different types of datewhichis extremely sweet and small in size and very soft.
  • Deglet Noor: Deglet Noor gets its name as the center of the date, is golden and appears to light ifheld up to the sun. It is sweet and somewhat dry.
  • Fard: Fard or Fardh is a type of date that Oman is famous for. It has a small seed, a tender skin, a sweet flavor and its skin is dark brown.
  • Zahidi: It is a semi-dry sweet date with smooth golden colored skin. With its thick flesh, it is full of syrup and excellent for storing.
  • Dayri: Dayri or Derrie is a red-colored soft and long date. Its color changes to brown, then to black, and it is soft and sweet.

Date occupies a prominent place for the people of Arab, particularly the Arabian Peninsula. Bedouins used to depend on dates as a source of income and subsists on this diet.

Arabs tie a cultural bond with different types of datechiefly some of the most well-respected Arabic values like gratitude, generosity and plenty. In some of the Arab houses date is taken as a sacred fruit and serve the guest as part of the hospitality.